Administrative services related to intellectual property rights in Germanycontact us for details.


Developments related to intellectual property in Germany(English, German, Japanese)

ipr on offer

Platform for offering intellectual property rights for sale or licensing.

patent direct

Online assistantfor use in invention disclosure and patent application preparation. (Release in late 2018 !)

startup patent

Information and assistance on anything related to patents - 100 % for startups(English, German, Israel)


Intellectual property valuation service. This service is presently only offered inGermany

Our Vision
Desktop innovation

Most successful innovators work in large corporations that back huge research and development investments. Patents can reduce innovators' dependence. We assist in directing innovators' efforts to success, ideally, needing no more than a desktop while leaving big investment to others.

Profitable patenting

These days, a lot of money invested in patent protection goes to waste. This need not be. We provide strategic counsel aiming to maximize the return on your investment in patents.

Global marketplace for intellectual property rights

Patents, trademarks and other intellectual property rights, today, are assets that are notoriously difficult to trade. We believe that a global market place, transparency and low transaction costs will bring many more participants to the market and substantially increase liquidity of these assets.

Our Approach

Identify what the client wants. Do what is needed to get there.

Steer clear from waste and problems.

Stay within budget.

Maximize value added.

Our Services

Full-scale service from invention generation to patent value extraction. (*)

Our Speciality

Tech startups.

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